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  • Template that works with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Sells Microsoft Word and Excel templates for the creation of business plans.
  • Offers a web based tool for the creation of business plans.
  • Describes multiple versions of this product, modified depending on the industry the plan targets.
  • Provides a free sample business plan and a Microsoft Excel template for restaurants.
  • Provides sample business plans, a software program and consulting.
  • UK business plan software by Harcourt Business Systems.
  • Business plan templates presented in different styles and heavily annotated to guide completion.
  • Offers a writing and financial planning software program for Windows.
  • Offers a program which utilizes Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Provides a free web based interactive business plan builder.
  • Offers web based business plan software, business start-up calculators and business plan consulting.
  • Provides a step-by-step business startup and planning software system.
  • Business plan tool for new business start ups and existing businesses.
  • Offers free templates for Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Provides Ultimate Business Planner software for Microsoft Windows.
  • Estonia based provider of an online business plan writer.
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